Originally from Niagara Falls, Michael is new to Long Island but eager to hit the ground running. Growing up near the Great Lakes has allowed him to spend ample time canoeing, kayaking, and sailing on the open water. As an Eagle Scout, Michael learned from a young age how important our natural surroundings are and the importance of protecting them. Although he is new to Long Island, Michael loves the waterfront scenery and beautiful nature along the shores. In fact, he says the scenery along the Sound was one of the major pull factors that brought him to Long Island.

In high school, Michael had the opportunity to spend a year abroad as an exchange student in Germany. This in-depth approach to learning a new language and experiencing a new culture kindled his appreciation of hands-on learning. Michael firmly believes that no matter the subject material, there is so much to be learned outside of a traditional classroom.

After graduating from SUNY Geneseo with a B.A in International Relations, Michael relocated to Guizhou, China for 27-months with the United States Peace Corps. While in China, Michael taught English at a local university. Alongside his university students, Michael ran English language programs for adults, children, and his fellow teachers. Additionally, Michael ran a comprehensive health and fitness program for his students. The goal of this program was to make sure students learned the basics of living a healthy lifestyle and were able to implement healthy choices into their everyday lives in college.

As a teacher, Michael revamped his school’s English curriculum and shifted the emphasis from vocabulary memorization to active classroom learning. By switching how students learned English and incorporating more active, hands-on classroom activities, students discovered a new motivation to study English as a Foreign Language. Michael coordinated with his fellow English teachers to make sure these changes in teaching styles were implemented in classrooms across the board.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys running. With three down, he is well on his way to completing his bucket-list goal of running a half-marathon on every continent. When he is not running, you’ll likely find Michael in the kitchen or relaxing with a good book and his dog, Kenji.

Michael is just starting his role as the Logistics Coordinator and is looking forward to combining his love of the water with his passion for education. He hopes to use what he has learned while teaching abroad to ensure the smooth and successful continuation of the awesome programs here at The WaterFront Center!