WFC Racing: Team Racing Clinic
by Brent Bomkamp

Sailing in West Harbor is always more fun when you’re racing toward the finish line! WFC Racing is our competitive outlet for sailors to put their skills to the test amongst our welcoming community. While racing can seem intimidating to even very experienced sailors, Tuesday Night Racing at the WaterFront Center offers an entry point to racing for sailors of all levels. Every night of racing is concluded by a helpful coaching session, where a WaterFront Center racing instructor provides a detailed overview and helpful tips to all attendees.

  Learn to master your roles and strengthen the lines of communication with a special Team Race Clinic to end the WFC Racing season. Lead by volunteer instructors Peter Troxler and Al Constants from Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, this event will offer an introduction to the rules and strategy involved in team racing, a modified form of racing where the competition is split into two teams of three boats. Many sailors find team racing to represent a more nuanced form of the sport, where the skill differences between boats is less important than a team’s ability to communicate and strategize. This makes it an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn from more experienced skippers while sailing alongside them on the same team!

  Whether you’ve been racing with us all season long or if this is your first step into the racing community, this session will be available to everyone at no cost! For a perfect opportunity to share the competitive spirit by bring fellow sailors new to the WFC Sailing Community, join us Tuesday, August 29th at 6pm!

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