STEAM has become more widely used in education and schools locally and nationally on all levels, as schools and districts incorporate or in the process of adopting some of the teaching principals throughout their curriculums.  STEAM has proven itself as a sturdy framework for teaching skills applied in ‘real-world’ practices. The programs we offer are highly customizable for all types of students and educators with varying goals and educational backgrounds.  Specifically, our STEAM programs often incorporate the sport of sailing to provide hands on learning opportunities, whether it’s how foils are used in both air and water mediums, or how a simple machine and complex machine is used to trim a sail.  Perhaps one of the most fundamental and important skills taught in our STEAM programs is how all of these disciplines intersect and share a commonality. We were fortunate enough to pilot two programs with LuHi and Friends Academy this April with great success. During their time with us, students focused on the principals of wind and wind energy; covering topics from the cardinal directions to building their own wind turbine. Lessons and principals taught on land were reinforced during ‘Lab Time’ on the water aboard our Sonars. Instructors aboard the Sonars would discuss various wind topics with the three or four students in their lab sessions as they applied what they learned in the classroom to real-world terms using hands on techniques and skill builders. We invite you to learn more about STEAM and how it can help reinforce important subject matters across all grade levels offered to your group, school, or class. We can’t wait to share with you how we can help provide impactful learning experiences.