420 Prep

Specifically geared towards racing, this program is designed to introduce sailors to the high performance 420. Sailors learn advanced skills including spinnaker handling, trapeze and crew work as the next step after Pixels or WFC Opti Race Team to prepare for WFC 420 Race Team and High School Sailing. Also a great choice for those looking to join their college sailing team.

Prerequisite: Swim Check & Capsize Drill*; Opti Race Team, Adventure Sailing, High School Sailing and/or Instructor Recommendation

Skill level: Intermediate

Boat type: This class is taught in 14-foot 420 dinghies rigged with trapeze and spinnaker with instructors alongside in powerboats.

Recommended sailor weight range: 90 lbs minimum

What's next?: Enroll in multiple sessions of 420 Prep until ready for WFC 420 Race Team.

High School Sailing in the Spring and fall supplements this program.

*Sailors must demonstrate comfort swimming in Oyster Bay without a lifejacket. Instructors will train students how to recovery from a capsize (when the boat tips over.) Swim checks and capsize drills are performed on the first day of the program alongside WFC docks.

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