Summertime Fun at The WaterFront Center

By: MacKenzie McGuckin

While it may seem like the WaterFront Center is just another summer job, to our staff it is an experience that provides them with the skills and knowledge for all their future endeavors.  Working near the water is not only about marine biology or sailing, our staff plan on moving into careers involving engineering, accounting, and even history.  During the summer, the WaterFront Center employs roughly 80 summer staff from all over the Long Island region, all of which who are passionate about the water and the area in which we live.  The opportunity to work at the WaterFront Center is special because our staff is learning a plethora of skills from seamanship and communication to personal skills and power tools.

We take pride in the incredible team that we have assembled here at The WaterFront Center so every Monday after we close at 5pm, we host a Fun Monday Staff Night.  Whether it be 10 Sonars out on the water racing each other or kickball in Theodore Roosevelt park, many of the staff come together for a fun night with each other followed by pizza in downtown Oyster Bay.  Our Fun Monday Staff Nights bring out the competitive side in everyone but strengthen their bonds so much more.  We are a fabulous team not because we work together and spend an overwhelming number of hours together; but we are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.

The 8 weeks of our busy season rarely feels like a day of work. It’s more like 40 days of summertime fun.