Alumni Instructor Spotlight: Vittoria

Vittoria Venuti is one of the most dedicated instructors at The WaterFront Center, lending a hand wherever she can, on top of her duties as Junior Summer instructor for the Mariners (grades 8 - 12) group. Tori can do everything from teaching a group of early childhood students, to leading a kayaking trip, to pull the dredge on Christeen, to collecting data with a group of college students. You can now also find Tori helping at the front desk, where she can help direct you to the waterfront program that best suits your needs.

When did you start working at The WaterFront Center?
I started working at The WaterFront Center in 2011. It is the first job I've ever had. At the time I was going into my sophomore year at Adelphi University. 

What is your favorite part of working at The WaterFront Center?
The best part about working at The WaterFront Center is when students come who have never been to Oyster Bay before or never held a horseshoe crab, yet alone knew that it existed. It's amazing to be part of their experience and feel their excitement. It's like coming to The WaterFront Center for the first time all over again. I also love how each day is different, whether it's catching a new type of fish in the siene net or exploring a section of the marsh that I've never been to before. 

What do you during the off season when you are not a Junior Summer instructor?
I am a high school science teacher at Veritas Academy, which is located in Flushing, NY (It is a NYC public school). I am going into my fourth year and I teach Earth science, environmental science and marine biology. My favorite class to teach is marine biology. I try to incorporate activities from The WaterFront Center into my class so that my students can have a small taste of what it is like to explore Beekman beach. Working at The WaterFront Center definitely helped me to develop as a teacher. It has taught me how to be confident in front of a group of students, that if you are passionate about what you are teaching others will be engaged and to expect the unexpected. I always look forward to the end of the school year because that means the summer is coming and I get to go back to The WaterFront Center for another season of fun.