Alumni Instructor Spotlight: Dr. Kerri Ackerly

Dr. Kerri Ackerly started at The WaterFront Center in April 2012 while she was completing her MSc in Biology at Adelphi University. Dr. Ackerly’s passion for connecting people with the water has taken her to new shores and new opportunities as she prepares the next generation of science educators. Dr. Acklery has even invited our Education Director, Cameron Jenness, to speak about communicating science to younger students in a course she was teaching to future teachers and administrators at Hofstra University.

What was your favorite part of working at The WaterFront Center?

There is so much I loved about working for The WaterFront Center. Every day had a new experience and it was so much fun working with all the kids and adults. I always enjoyed being on the beach talking about marine biology, especially when the kids were so excited to learn something new. That is what made every day special for me. Watching the kids (and adults!) discover the world around them and build their appreciation for the water, never got old.

I also loved all my co-workers, and getting to work with my friends, like Bre, was especially fun! Everyone I worked with brought something unique to the table, and it truly made a well-rounded environment for learning!

What have you been up to since leaving The WaterFront Center?

Since leaving WFC, I received my PhD in Biology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and then worked for a year as a Special Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Hofstra University. I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin’s Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas. I am studying how oil spills impact oxygen and temperature tolerance in fishes. I also volunteer for a shark and ocean conservation group (Nakawe Project) helping to manage and write their social media and communications.