Alumni Instructor Spotlight: Breann Ross

Breann Ross started teaching at The WaterFront Center in the summer of 2012, after receiving her bachelor’s degree in biology from Adelphi University. Her good friend and lab mate, Kerri Ackerly, was working as an educator/naturalist at the time and introduced her to the Education Director. While Ecology and Marine Biology were some of her favorite courses, standing up in front of people and teaching seemed out of her comfort zone. However, Breann loved the subject matter too much to pass up the opportunity.

Her favorite part of working at The WaterFront Center is having nature be her classroom. Young people can be so wired to their technology, that they do not spend much time outdoors these days. Having the opportunity to help them to reconnect and build an appreciation for nature is something that Breann is passionate about.

This year will be Breann’s second year teaching full time at Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Syosset, New York. She primarily teaches Research courses to the 9th through 12th grade students but will also begin teaching Marine Science. She will continue teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Hofstra University, and hopes to contribute to a collaborative research project in the Fall.

Even with all these new opportunities on her plate, Breann continues to squeeze a few education programs at The WaterFront Center into her busy schedule.