A Frog-tab-ulous Day!

by Molly Hastings


What did you do today? “The same thing as yesterday.” Said every child to their parent. As a parent myself my hand smacks my forehead for you. From behind the scenes, I’ll tell you about a glimpse in their day at summer camp at the WaterFront Center. We watched a frog metamorphosis over 2 days from tadpole with hind legs and the next day it’s front legs have emerged! We hunted outside for insects as an enthusiastic team (with only one “observer”). We returned with a feast for a frog. We took off the lid to the cage. Dropped in crickets. We watched and waited for him to put out his long sticky tongue and devour live crickets.

While I spoke of how frogs swallow by pushing their eyes into their head. We waited and watched and watched and waited for that darn statuesque frog to eat just one cricket. Then as wildlife will do, the frog did the unexpected, he jumped high out of the cage and onto the table, the floor and right out the door! We screamed and laughed and we’re elated. I caught the speedy slippery guy and put him right back. I thought now the kids will remember and tell their friends and family about this sight. Then we continued and I talked with the group some more about protecting natural habitats and keeping wildlife wild.