These hands-on programs, with a focus on inquiry and discovery, were created by a New York State certified teacher to reinforce New York State Standards and the concepts needed for the State Assessment tests. Teachers can use these programs as a unique addition to a science unit, to make connections across different subject areas, or as a culminating experience to reinforce prior knowledge and curriculum. Our low student/teacher ratio enables us to emphasize experiential learning. Please contact us with any questions; and remember – most programs can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Many programs can be brought to your location whether school or local estuary for your convenience.

*Subject matter covered is tailored to meet the needs of your specific grade level or group needs.

STEAMSchool Programs can be customized for any age group

We are excited to offer the only STEAM program on Long Island to combine the principals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math with the sport of sailing.

Custom Programs can be set up for school groups. WFC offers an After School Program open to all on Wednesdays & Thursdays for middle school students. See the Youth tab to sign up.

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Horseshoe Crab TaggingAll Ages *Under 18 Must be accompanied by an adult

The WFC is excited to be working in concert with Cornell University Cooperative Extension’s Marine Program and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as a new Horseshoe Crab tagging site on Long Island.In the spring around the time of the new and full moons, volunteers go out at evening high tides to count, size, and tag any horseshoe crabs we see on Beekman and Teddy Roosevelt  beach. Volunteers can receive community service hours if needed. Bring the whole family and friends!    

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Marine Science SailGrades 1 - 12

This program can be customized and takes place aboard our floating classroom, Christeen.

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Touch TankGrades Pre-K - 6

Students are introduced to a variety of marine organisms typically found at the bottom of the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

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Harbor HabitatsGrades Pre-K - 6

Explore the three significant habitats exist at our site-- fresh water, salt water, and marsh--in this hands-on inquiry based program.

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Invasive SpeicesGrades 7-12

Learn about, collect, and examine one of the most abundant marine invasive species we have in the Long Island Sound.

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Beach DayGrades Pre-K - 1

Explore the exciting sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the beach.

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Birds of the BayGrades Pre-K - 1

Discover the world of aquatic birds that make estuaries on Long Island their homes.

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Hermit CrabsGrades Pre-K - 3

Students learn about the life of a hermit crab from listening to a story, meeting a hermit crab, and making a craft.

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Stars of the SoundGrades Pre-K - 3

Discover the reason why sea stars are not fish and learn about their unique and amazing abilities!

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Seashells to Sea CreaturesGrades Pre-K - 3

Using their senses to compare and contrast, children learn about the variety of shells at the seashore and the creatures that live in them.

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Horseshoe CrabsGrades Pre-K - 6

While interacting with horseshoe crabs hands on, discover interesting facts about this awesome creature that predates the dinosaurs.

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Water EverywhereGrades 1 - 3

Learn about the water cycle, water conservation and weather. Observe the process of condensation first hand through experimentation and exploration.

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Invertebrate LabGRADES 7th - 12th

Dive into our invertebrate lab and examine many species of animals that live in Long Island Sound. Students will discuss locomotion,feeding,defense and habitat of animals in the  lab.

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Estuary Exploration and EcologyGrades 7 - 12

Perform an in-depth study of an estuarine ecosystem.

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Biology of PlanktonGrades 7 - 12

Learn about the tiny organisms that represent the base of our marine food chain.

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Honors & AP SciencesGrades 9-12

This program can help high school students further understand topics within Environmental Science or Biology.

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Custom ProgramsGrades Pre-K - 12

Do you have a big class? Or don’t know what program to choose? Our custom programs are what you need!

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Staff Development Opportunities

Staff development / teacher training courses for classroom science teachers.

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