The 2014 edition of Bay Day was a tremendous success. Over 5,000 people took part in responsibly recreating in and learning about the waters of Oyster Bay and beyond. We were especially encouraged to see numerous people, engage our educators at our Touch Tank. Our educators were about to show people a a diverse cross-section of the marine life calling Oyster Bay home (when they’re not in the touch tank of course). Our touch tank is the best way for people to easily become familiar with and learn more about the animals that populate our waters. From horseshoe crabs and asian shore crabs to sea stars, oysters and sea cucumbers, people of all ages can learn from these animals helping them better understand how they can help preserve the estuary.

Hundreds of people were also able to get out on the water and recreate responsibly in West Harbor aboard our Sonars and kayaks. Free rides and demos were provided on each to families and friends looking to escape and explore the estuary. Three sails aboard the National Historic Landmark Christeen, were all sold out. As people took in the shoreline of West Harbor and Oyster Bay from a new perspective  and seeing place’s like Billy Joel’s home, Seawahaka Corinthian Yacht Club, class yachts dating back to 1898 while sailing aboard a ship but in 1883! Everyone coming off the water, whether from a kayak, Sonar, or the Christeen had huge smiles on their faces, and we hope to see them all again soon! We love sharing what our mission is all about, and Bay Day is only a sampling of what we  are all about. We are extremely passionate about what we do and hope we can spread our passion to people like you! Bring your friends, family and anyone else you can find to enjoy an hour or more with us during the summer – we promise to do everything we can to leave you wanting to come back to learn and do more!

The highlight of the event is always at the end. The Anything That Floats race challenges students, kids, and adults to build floating crafts out of reusable and recycled materials. Variations of this craft range from bamboo framed kayaks with shrink-wrap as the outer skin, to PVC pontoon boats with wooden seats, and even old plastic play houses, children have outgrown on top of a floating platform with a palm tree! Creativity is in full bloom as competitors take the starting line to round our course immediately off Beekman Beach. The race starts with a flurry of activity, and by the first mark you are always guaranteed to see at least one craft to begin disintegrating in front of your eyes, unable to finish competitors, with smiles ear to ear swim their craft back to shore to take notes about improvements for next year. This year’s event featured great crafts and design in all three divisions. We hope our winners return next year to defend their crown!

Start planning your Anything That Floats Race craft now, the 2015 edition of BAY DAY is Sunday, June 7th!